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Learning Phonics - Vowels

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Phonics is a powerful tool for accurate pronunciation, spelling and vocabulary building in English and many other foreign languages. Meanwhile, vowels are the essential components of phonics, as they constitute the sounds in spoken English.
Phonics is not intimidating. It is easy to learn and grasp by children. Through an interesting visit to The Fat Controller's home, Thomas & Friends ™ Learning Phonics 2 – Vowels teaches children the basics of vowels and blending. These skills will become indispensible for them in no time, facilitating their English learning and raising their language awareness.

This product brings you

  • 3 short vowel sounds for each of the 5 main vowels introduced
  • 3 keywords for each short vowel sound presented
  • Accurate pronunciation by native English speakers
  • Bonus story soundtrack CD
  • Bonus game CD-ROM
  • Fun vowels card game for further knowledge reinforcement
  • Poster with all the short vowel sounds and keywords featured
  • Free online membership

Help your children equip well for the future and assist them to build a solid English foundation!


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