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Learning Phonics - Consonants

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Phonics is a powerful tool for accurate pronunciation, spelling and vocabulary building in English.
The 21 consonants complement with the 5 vowels to form phonics patterns, constituting the sounds of all English words.

This time, Thomas & Friends ™ Learning Phonics 3 – Consonants will guide you around the town centre of the Island of Sodor, while introducing you to Thomas' best friends on the rails! This fun tour will surely get your children familiarized with the 21 consonants and give them further drills on phonetic blending. These skills will become indispensible for them in no time, facilitating their English learning and raising their language awareness.

This product brings you

  • The 21 English consonants
  • 4 keywords for each consonant presented
  • Accurate pronunciation by native English speakers
  • Original theme songs
  • Bonus story soundtrack CD
  • Fun consonants card game for further knowledge reinforcement
  • Leaflet with all the consonants and keywords
  • Free online membership

Help your children equip well for the future and assist them to build a solid English foundation!


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Audio CD

Consonants Card Game


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