The Thomas & Friends TM
Learning Phonics - Alphabet

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Thomas & Thomas & Friends ™ Learning Phones 1 – Alphabet is the premier and exclusive phonies learning series with Thomas & Friends. Specially designed for kids aged 2 - 6, it helps children to learn and understanding the English alphabet – letters A - Z through interesting stories. In order to reinforce their knowledge, each letter is associated with 4 key words. Aided by visual effect, children can gain better knowledge of alphabet in an entertaining way!

This product brings you

  • 4 Key Words for Each Letter Introduced
  • Accurate Pronunciation by Native English Speakers
  • Bonus Vocabulary Audio CD
  • Coloured Worksheets - Good for Bedtime Stories and Trips on Cars
  • Poster with Alphabet and All the Key Words Covered in the DVDs
  • Free Online Membership
  • Free Online Flash Games

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2 DVDs Video

Audio CD

54x Alphabet Revision Sheets

A - Z

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