The Thomas & Friends TM

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Thomas & Friends TM First Discovery Journey will amaze children with interesting facts about the wonderful world we live in. The first series ANIMALS will take them to the Island of Sodor to meet Thomas and beautiful animals from around the world. Our new learning approach allows children to explore the daily lives of wild animals. From this, they gain essential knowledge about the living creatures and how they relate to their families, friends and community.

This product brings you

  • Video clips of Thomas and Friends TM
  • Video clips of animals extracted from documentary film banks
  • Self-made animation - deepen children's understanding
  • 2 DVDs with bilingual and trilingual interpretation
  • 14 learning cards with all the key words covered in the DVDs
  • Colouring book – Good for capability of hand–eye coordination, patience and attention to details

So, what are you waiting for? Come get your train pass to be on board now!