The Thomas & Friends TM Classical Music Journey
Kick start your first chapter in music, language, graphic awareness!

Initiate music appreciation

Your child's first taste of music gracefully originates here, where they can enjoy various flavours of classical music.

Raise language awareness

A first exposure to authentic English language is also facilitated, thanks to easy – to – listen narration of musicians' anecdotes from each animation clip.
On top of musicians' stories, key musical terms are also explained in a child - friendly manner.

Set off the journey anytime

Our selection of music is carefully categorized, so the little ones can enjoy the music all day long, whether at rest or having fun!

This product brings you

  • 7 Leading Classical Musicians
  • 14 DVDs with over 420 minutes of animation
  • 7 CDs with over 560 minutes of classical music
  • 196 Animated clips featuring Thomas & Friends TM

So, what are you waiting for? Come get your train pass to be on board now!


Mozart is know for his innate talents in music composition. Sense his creativity from our selection of this greatest works!

Haydn spent most of his life working as the music director for the Austrian royalty and nobilities. Have a taste of elegance from our selection of his greatest works!

Many of Beethoven’s music pieces are known to be lively or even exciting. Get energized by listening to our selection of his greatest works!

Schubert’s music is known to be soothing and therapeutic. Calm the little ones’ tender nerves with our selection of his greatest works!
Also known as “poet of the piano”, Chopin’s well – articulated emotions are reflected through his music pieces. Awake your little ones’ sense of affections by listening to our selection of his greatest works!

The world of Tchaikovsky is dramatically vibrant and extravagant. Find out how his works define “gorgeousness” from our selection of his greatest works!

Bach's works are known to be upbeat and dynamic. Uplift the tender souls by listening to our selection of his greatest works!

Handel's most famous oratorio Messiah with its "Hallelujah" chorus, is the centrepiece of the Christmas season! Enjoy the delight of Christmas with his greatest works!